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Yeah, the "world" ended, but we're still here, which means it's time to (re)Build.

Flatpack (re)Fix the Future is a table top roleplaying game for all ages. You and four of your friends play the youth (flexible) born after the end of the world with joy in their hearts, understanding in their minds, and a quest to Fix the Future!

WRENCHes, the youth, adventure in a post-post apocalyptic setting collecting Flatpacks, high tech boxed buildings that you just set, press a button, and BOOM! You now have a hospital! Or a community center! Or a dog park full of mutant dogbae friends!

Flatpack uses a unique system that puts an emphasis on progress and overcoming obstacles. Flatpack use standard RPG dice and a five-act structure to make managing the game (Directing) just as fun and easy as playing!


The current PDF is marked as "Beta." It's the "0.9 version." With the initial release, we're collecting notes on typos and clarity issues so we can finalize it all before the physical book release. Once the physical book comes out, we'll give you the PDF cost off the physical book for direct sale, or through DrivethruRPG. 


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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