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This is not the core rulebook for #iHunt, but instead the bare minimum tools to play. It’s a reference guide so you can make your hunters, pit them against monsters, and tell cool stories.

If you have the #iHunt core rulebook, then this book is an invaluable quick reference of particular value at the table when players need to make characters or find a rule quickly.

Additionally, this book features a crew of hunters fully built and fleshed out with motivations, a hangout, and enemies.And it has a toolkit adventure ready to play! This way you can just jump right into your first game.

While you can technically play with this book alone, it's a bare minimum reference guide and quickstart adventure. We recommend having a copy of the #iHunt RPG as well. However, this is a great entry point if you can't quite afford the full book, or don't have time to read a 300+ page RPG tome. 

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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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This is the physical book, an 80 page, 6' x 9" black and white book.

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I already have the core rules PDF. My problem is that I am old school (and old). Will a physical version of this Players Companion be enough of a reference while running a campaign? I have a hard time using my computer to access a PDF while playing. Mahalo

It will cover most of your basic needs. The only thing we find it's not great at is referencing monster powers. It has a limited list of those, and mostly exists to show how the monster building system works. But aside from that, it's got all the basic rules, character creation stuff, and everything you need to reference at the table. (The monster powers just take up an ENORMOUS amount of space, so I didn't want to replicate them and double the page count.)