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Welcome to the second season of #iHunt! We've compiled the eighth through fourteenth zine supplements, or as we like to call them, "zupplements," for your reading pleasure. In addition to this, we've added a whole new system for advanced, tiered stunts for your #iHunt games or any Fate game. These let your characters advance vertically, having greater power in the narrative. 

Inside, you'll find:

  • Fun in the Sun: A guide to hunting on the beach. In addition to some shocking sea monsters, we have a fully playable gig set on a resort island off the coast of San Jenaro.
  • 8 Lives - The Cats of San Jenaro: A guide to… cats? This is a surreal look at some strange corners of the #iHunt world, including meme culture and… you just have to read it.
  • Back 2 School: A guide to hunting at university. This has a breakdown of the sights and history of University of California San Jenaro, for all your collegiate monster murdering.
  • Book of Hours: This zine details three vampiric blood gods in San Jenaro, each with unique cults, rituals, and supernatural abilities. 
  • Dia De Muertos: Hunting during the harvest holidays. In this one, we detail some of the strange supernatural phenomena that surround the autumn festivals of San Jenaro. 
  • Slashers: Movie slashers, but for #iHunt! This one details how to emulate films where a bunch of teenagers get murdered, but with an #iHunt twist. Also, playable Final Girl hunters!
  • You’re OK, Boomer: This is our “holiday special.” It deals with much, much older #iHunters than the stereotypical millennials. It approaches the unique challenges and abilities of Baby Boomers on the hunt. 
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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Physical Book

We now have the lovely print version of Persist & March On! 

This version of the game includes domestic shipping (that's factored into the cost.) For international shipping, reach out to me at olivia@ihunt.fun and I'll calculate shipping. If you're shipping international, it will be expensive, but we'll work with you the best we can. Do not order this book for international shipment until we've discussed it, please. It's generally smart if you plan on getting other physical goods like our novels if you order them all together. If you do, we can probably cut you a better deal there. 

It's $69 (NICE). It's not quite as dense as the core rulebook, but these print versions of our season books are much more expensive for us to publish since we're not doing an internationally-printed offset run. 

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