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The Anarchist's Meal Kit Delivery Service is the seventh in a series of "Zine Supplements" for #iHunt: The RPG. Or as we'd like to call them, "Zupplements."

The Anarchist's Meal Kit Delivery Service is a series of pieces on how the hunt works in times of civil unrest. It's a thing on everyone's mind right now, but instead of trying to bring a specific event into the #iHunt world, it acknowledges that civil unrest and mass movements are part of our day-to-day life right now, and addresses how that affects the monster hunting world. #iHunt is a game about 2020. Welcome to 2020.

  • Mutual Aid. This is about life during mass upheaval, but on the hunt. It’s got a few rules hacks reflecting the unique circumstances of mass movement. Also my talking about the time I got tear gassed.
  • Rebel Radio. It’s full of ideas for hunts taking place during times of upheaval. 
  • Attack and Dethrone God. This is about the hunt itself on the streets. How you can fight in crowded spaces, and use crowds to your advantage. 
  • Protests Work. It’s a little essay talking about how you can let mass movements influence the world of your game and manage that with realistic expectations.
  • Side By Side With A Friend. It’s two monsters that will work with hunters. One’s a witch who is glad to work in the background of a hunt. The other’s a werewolf who will get the fuck up and fight alongside the right cause.
  • Call to Action. It’s a list of causes you can get involved with right now, just to get your brain pumping or whatever. Also, from a game perspective, looking into how some of these groups organize can help make your stories feel more authentic. 
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