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8 Lives is the ninth in a series of "Zine Supplements" for #iHunt: The RPG. Or as we'd like to call them, "Zupplements."

It's about... cats. Kind of. Look it's weird. It's our BIGGEST zine, clocking in at a whopping 44 pages.

This book includes:

  • The Cat People: A whole clade of new monsters. Cat people. You've been warned. 
  • A Cat-Alogue of Cats: Other monsters, fun takes on myths and legends about cats, and... weirder stuff.
  • Cat Myth Job Generator: Using cat-based mythology to generate random jobs for #iHunt. 
  • Why Do Cats Sleep in the Sunshine: This is a strange little Fate hack that helps you build liminal spaces in your stories using... your phone's autocorrect? It's just strange and you're gonna have to take my word for it.
  • LOLKATZ: A new kink of #iHunter. They're internet trolls who learned the errors of their ways and decided to use their powers for awesome. 
  • The Cats of San Jenaro: A WHOLE DAMN GAME about the magical cats of San Jenaro. This is a micro game written by friend of Machine Age Kenneth Rountree, originally released for the San Jenaro Short Games Digest (which you should read!) featuring art from Dyer Rose. We got the rights to publish this one and give it a whole new snazzy #iHunt-friendly layout. 
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMachine Age Productions
TagsCats, Horror, ihunt, Tabletop role-playing game


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