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Hunting in the Atomic Age is the sixteenth in a series of "Zine Supplements" for #iHunt: The RPG. Or as we'd like to call them, "Zupplements." It's also the second in our Season Three series of zupplements, each detailing a different decade of the 20th century in the world of #iHunt. 

This one's a whopping 50 pages!

Inside, you'll find:

  • Novelist Daniel Swensen provided an AMAZING short story for this book called The Beast of Appetite. It's 1950s style detective pulp, but with an #iHunt twist. You're gonna love this one.
  • We give a whole bunch of historical factoids and bits about the atomic age, and we tie each of them to the world of #iHunt and San Jenaro. Every point about the history, we couple with a stunt to help marry your characters to the setting and mood.
  • Four new hunter organizations. From housewives frustrated they've been pushed back into domesticity, to Korean War vets using an experimental drug to see the unseen, we've got tons of stories ready for you to play.
  • Then we've got a fully fleshed-out adventure for you called Easy (Un)Living in the Burbs. It's a bit of a heist against a vampire who bought up some property and treated his workers like garbage. It's a new experiment for how to present adventures for #iHunt, and we'd LOVE to hear what you think.
  • Then we've got monsters. Four of them. All inspired by the period. All fun. All weird. All very #iHunt, but with a 50s sensibility. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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