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Killing Monsters in the Reagan Economy is the eighteenth in a series of "Zine Supplements" for #iHunt: The RPG. Or as we'd like to call them, "Zupplements." It's also the third in our Season Three series of zupplements, each detailing a different decade of the 20th century in the world of #iHunt. 

This one details the 1980s, and it's a whopping 75 pages long!

Inside, you'll find:

  • Pop Up History: A series of current events flashpoints, each with story ideas for how to tie that event or phenomenon into your #iHunt stories. 
  • Hunter Cliques: Four new hunter groups. In the 80s, three of the main core rulebook #iHunter groups exist. But these four new groups embody the themes of the decade and can fight alongside the current batch.
  • Killing Monsters in the Reagan Economy: A series of tiny essays and ideas for how things work for hunters in the 80s. Without an app, how do hunters keep working? Good question. We answer that and dozens of other questions here.
  • Eight new monsters, all homages to 80s pop culture. Four new vampires giving an #iHunt twist to Near Dark, Lost Boys, and others. Four other monsters pulled from the zeitgeist, including an official take on the 80s classic sci-fi horror flick Hobgoblins, as popularized by Mystery Science Theater 3000!
  • Guest author, Star Trek: Discovery screenwriter Carlos Cisco, gives us a "lost television show" for the world of #iHunt. It's a Saturday morning cartoon called The Latchkey Kids, and it's a doozy. Full to the brim with story ideas.
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