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Welcome to #iHunt Season Five, tentatively called, "You can't spell Happy without App."

It's about some of the other apps in the #iHunt universe. Worldbuilding, player options, story seeds, all that jazz. 

This one is WeHelp, which is a rival app to #iHunt, specializing in ghosts, psychics, and other ephemeral phenomena. It's not just about exorcisms—it's a lifestyle app. But, as with everything in the #iHunt world, there's a dark side. WeHelp's creators have a dark and terrifying vision that its everyday contractors have no idea about, ushering alien entities across the veil into the physical world.    

Here's what's inside: 

  • Kanoodle Reviews. We set the mood with some fiction—a review of the app from one of the contractors' family members. 
  • What Is WeHelp? We break it down, talking about the facets of the app, and using some sample contract/gig ideas to get the points across. 
  • Abjuration and Exorcism. Next we talk about how to deal with ephemeral entities, with a simple system for each method. 
  • The Void-Tainted. Then we break down a new monster clade—humans that have been exposed to the Void and who are now forever marked by its alien power.
  • Are You Free? Rules for playing a psychic as a character. Tons of psychic powers. Tons of drawbacks like bleeding from your ears when you use a psychic power. You know, #iHunt stuff. 
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