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NOTE ON PHYSICAL BOOK: When it's ready, we'll have a physical book prepared. You can order it in the USA. Sorry, international's just tough right now. It'll take a bit to arrive as-is, since paper and the supply chain and all the stuff I'm sure you're aware of by now. But if you buy the digital, we'll give you a discount on the physical book. I'm not sure how much—we've gotta make sure we're not losing money on every copy, and prints are hella expensive right now.

NOTE ON SUPPLEMENTARY PDF: There's a supplementary PDF (the PortaPotty Worksheets) meant to give you an easy, printable version of the "PortaBeast" content, and a printable scrapbook page you can paste your portabeasts to. If you get the physical book, I won't be sending a physical of that. You're expected to print multiple copies as need be, or fuck with them however you want. Have fun with that.

Welcome to #iHunt, season four! We’ve compiled #iHunt zines 20-25 in here, along with a whole bunch of amazing new content for your gaming pleasure. This book’s all themed after things that influenced #iHunt’s world and design.

Jesus Wept: Devils and the people that interact with them. Our love letter to Clive Barker, we delve into some gross monsters that are also kinda sexy monsters, and the people that can’t help but to poke the beasts.

Campfire Tales: Weird internet horror about a national park that’s actually a mysterious godlike abomination? Don’t mind if we do. Welcome to Bear Pines National Park. Stay away from the pink water.

A Goblin’s Tale We touch on fairy tales, specifically ones about goblins and boggans and all sorts of weird little guys that are as cute as they are scary. 

The Old Hunters: A hunter must hunt. In this section, we talk about old people who have been tricked into drinking an otherworldly horror’s bodily fluids in an attempt to keep up with the young people.  

Our Special Place: There’s a town in the mountains, next to a river, shrouded in mist. Nobody really knows what goes on there, but if you stumble upon it, there’s a reason. Maybe you need punishment. Maybe you need absolution. Whatever it is, you can find it if you’re willing to dig a little deeper. 

Scene Em All: #iHunt is a game about people, about society, and about cliques. This book’s all about real world cliques, not just the hyper online things we tend to interact with. 

PortaBeasts: This season’s bonus content. We feature rules for a new app called PortaBeast, where the hunters collect profiles for various fighters they can summon forth to help them on the hunt. Got to catch them all, am I right?

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Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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Physical Book!

You heard it right. A physical book. Make sure to put your address in the field once you make the purchase. If you're outside the US, I STRONGLY recommend using DrivethruRPG to get a print on demand copy. It'll save you money, it'll make things easier on me, and you're much more likely to get it at a timely pace. 


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Any update on the printed version? 

We now have it available!!!

Woo hoo!

Any plans to release a printed version?

Yep! In fact, we JUST got the prints today! I’ll be putting up the physical sale option this week.


Okay it's for purchase!

Hello awesome folks!
OK, so I purchased this exactly 100 days ago, including the physical book. Naturally, I was able to download the PDF, but i still haven't received the physical book. Can you give me an update? Did I do something wrong when ordering? I can provide the transaction ID or anything else you might need.
Many thanks, and keep being awesome!

So! You didn't do anything wrong. Turns out, Itch deleted the address field, or I didn't save it correctly, I dunno. Regardless, Itch didn't send me an email alert with your address. BUT, I already have your address so I'm gonna send you out a copy today. Sorry about that! 
For future reference, if you hit me up at olivia@ihunt.fun, I'll try to update you the best I can.