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Molly sees dead people. 

She helps the living and the dead and their interactions. Haunting in your new family home? She'll make sure your ghost is ready to move on. Need to find grandpa's will to make sure his car doesn't end up in some greedy investor's hands? She'll talk to gramps and let him know you're getting by and making him proud.
WeHelp is the anti-Molly. It's a gig economy app meant to find those who can engage with the dead, and has them handle it in the most hamfisted—and dangerous—ways possible, all for crap pay and zero benefits. WeHelp is disrupting the world of the dead, and Molly has to stop it.
All the while, her keen new psychic boyfriend isn't what he seems, and her punk ghost of an ex boyfriend is back to show her that he's ready for what they couldn't have before. However, Molly can't be ready until she learns something about herself—do ghosts respect her because she's dangerous? Kind, emotional, fragile spooky girl Molly?
This is part of the San Jenaro world of stories, which includes Blood Flow, #iHunt, and the previous Molly story, Reaching Out. However, it's a fully standalone story, and a perfect place to dive into this twisted mirror of our modern world.
Walk with Molly into the labyrinth. There's nothing to be scared of. Well, there's lots to be scared off, but the ghosts feed off your fear.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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