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Welcome to the third season of #iHunt! We've compiled the fifteenth through nineteenth zine supplements, or as we like to call them, "zupplements," for your reading pleasure. In addition to this, we dug into the history of roleplaying games, and adapted old school game rules like THAC0 and morale rolls to #iHunt and Fate. It's tongue in cheek but completely playable in any Fate game. 

  • Zine 15: Hunting in the Dust: The 1930s! Glitz, glamour, and the overwhelming societal violence of the Great Depression! Fun times. We start off with factoids that tie #iHunt into the era. Then we offer a bunch of new hunter kinks for the period. Then a heist generator because why not. Then monsters! THEN we close off with a radio show script. 23 Skidoo!
  • Zine 16: Hunting Under a Mushroom Cloud: The 1950s! Cold War, race conflicts, post-war economies, and all that. Like the 30s, we start off with contextual factoids about the era.  Then four new hunter groups. Then a fully playable adventure kit that’s keen gear. Four movie monsters. Then an outstanding short hunter noir story.
  • Zine 18: Killing Monsters in the Reagan Economy: It's the 80s, so we do a lot of coke and vote for Ronald Reagan! Starting off with a huge factoid chapter, we then bring in four 80s-tacular hunter groups. Then we talk vampires, because the 80s. Then more monsters, including classic film monsters the Hobgoblins! Then we close out with The Latchkey Kids, a mysterious Saturday morning cartoon about kids hunting monsters. With a dark past. Because what the fuck else were we supposed to do? 
  • Zine 19: The Clinton Years: The 90s. Factoids, of course. Then, 90s themed monsters with tons of story hooks. Then a short story about hunting in the goth club. And we close out with print your own #iHunt pogs. Yes, I said pogs. They’re coming back, you know. 
  • Zine 17: Lyzzy Burns: Finally, we get a little kinky. We collaborate with supernatural kinky romance author Lyzzy Burns for some monster fucking goodness. Yes, this one is out of order. Deal with it.

While this book only contains five zines instead of the normal seven, it clocks in at a whopping 262 pages! These zines are much more dense than the previous seasons, bursting at the seams with story ideas and bonus material from some amazing new collaborators. 


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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