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The Old Hunters DLC is the twenty third in a series of "Zine Supplements" for #iHunt: The RPG. Or as we'd like to call them, "Zupplements." It's also the fourth in our Series Four series of zupplements, each detailing some weird angle on the world of #iHunt we wanted to explore.

Inside, you'll find:

  • A weird phenomenon in the world of #iHunt where podcasters milk otherworldly horrors for their bodily fluids then sell them as vitamin supplements to desperate, aging hunters. 
  • Rules for "Exposure," a system where exposing oneself to the horrors of the great unknown can whittle down one's self-control and ultimately turn a person into a slobbering, mindless beast. 
  • Four Old Hunters to fight, fix, or be hunted by. Beast-addled monsters they're not, but they're this close to being, and your hunters might be the only thing stopping them from being lost forever. 
  • Four horrors, including a hunter lost to exposure, a soul-eating monstrosity, a hunk of flesh and eyeballs, and a mysterious giant monster that answers the question, "can my #iHunter fistfight a demigod?"
  • Six new "Tricky Weapons," transforming weapons that offer hunters some brutal new tricks and unprecedented versatility on the hunt. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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