Machine Age Productions

Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy
Easy entry point and table reference including a fully playable adventure and pre-generated crew of hunters!
Five stories for the price of one story that's as long as these five stories!
A pack of assets and resources so you can play #iHunt online!
It's a tote bag. It's an actual, physical object. It holds things.
A horror cinema double feature, but for RPGs!
Ten short horror roleplaying games, including two all-new exclusives.
The #iHunt Season One compilation, featuring the first seven #iHunt zines.
Sometimes the dead come back to finish their tragically-ended stories. Meet them here.
Usually we kill monsters. Sometimes we kiss them. This zine is for those times.
A book full of monsters—enough to fill a neighborhood.
We're celebrating moms. Both hunter moms and monster moms. Check it out!
University Living in the Gig Economy
About Boomers on the hunt, and a special holiday episode of #iHunt!
A weird experiment for Valentine's Day, supernatural romance author Lyzzy Burns takes over for a bonus zine!!!
A Parlor Game About Ghosts and their Stories
A San Jenaro Urban Folktale
Ghost Stories on Space Stations: A Tabletop RPG
A Novel of Giant Robots, Motherhood, Empathy, and Ghosts
A Pulp Horror Story Game
A Southern California Gothic Novel
Tabletop RPG: Mecha pilots, stranded on an island.
A Dead Machines Novella
A Psychic Road Trip Novel