#iHunt Version 0.9 Fixes

I've done an overhaul of the #iHunt PDF. I added a reference appendix. I've made a ton of little typo and clarity changes. I've also updated the rules and character sheet to fit more with Fate Condensed. Here's the change log: 

Version 0.9 (4-20-2020 [nice])

Important Changes: 

P10-11: Added the new character sheet. Also the “Stunts” box wasn’t showing up. So I fixed that.

P47: Clarified under “Witchcrap” that essence costs for spells are to be paid with stress. You choose the combination of physical and mental stress for this purpose. 

P121: Noted that by default, the game’s skill cap is 4 until increased with a Life-Changing Event Selfie.

P154: Changed references to stress boxes. Instead of using the old Fate Core style, we’re using something more in line with Fate Condensed, but slightly different. Normally characters get three 1-point boxes. A skill set at 1 gives two additional boxes for 5 total. A skill set at 3 gives four additional boxes for 7 total. Additionally, you’re allowed marking multiple boxes and marking any combination of boxes and consequences you see fit.

P208-209: Ryan and Janus had the wrong traits listed. Fixed.

P246: Ubiquity was phrased badly. It’s been fixed. Ubiquity 0 is a very rare thing. Ubiquity 1 takes some work. Ubiquity 2 is something very common. The idea is, the monster gets more points if they have an easy to exploit bane.

P324-329: Added a reference appendix with major charts and processes so you should be able to make characters and monsters easily, as well as reference the basics of Fate. 

Character Sheet: Added box for Refresh, and changed the stress boxes to fit the new version which is closer to Fate Condensed.

Insignificant Changes: 

Contents: Made the text a little bolder for readability on different devices

P14: Minor typos

P46: Minor formatting

P54: Minor formatting

P58: Minor formatting

P92: Minor typos and fixed our shitty German

P103: Clarified that Anonymity can be used on attacks and create advantage actions

P116: Minor typos and fixed our shitty German

P117: Minor typos

P127: Minor typos and fixed our shitty German

P140: Minor typos

P141: Minor typos

P174: Page number color change for readability

P175: Page number color change for readability

P182: Page number color change for readability

P183: Page number color change for readability

P186: Minor typos

P193: Minor typos

P199: Minor typos

P200: Minor typos

P206: Minor typos

P221: Minor typos

P238: Clarified that Elemental Form’s Blast power can result in an odd cost, with remainder being lost.

P240: Sentence was cut off on “poof.” Didn’t really change anything. Fixed.

P243: Repeated the note about Evileenas and essence.

P250: Minor typos

P303: Minor typos

P305: Minor typos

P307: Minor typos

P308: Minor typos

P309: Minor typos

P310: Minor typos

P311: Minor typos

P312: XX References

P315: Minor typos

P316: Minor typos

P317: Minor typos

P318: XX Reference

P319: XX Reference

P320: XX References and minor typos

P321: XX Reference and typos

P322: Minor typos

P323: Minor typos


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Apr 21, 2020

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